New Machu Picchu regulations

  • Machu Picchu allows 2500 visitors daily
  • There are 4 different entrance fees
  • Entrance tickets are best bought in advance

After the celebration for the “discovering” of Machu Picchu 100 years ago, the INC (Peruvian National Cultural Institute) under impulse of (now ex) President Garcia, decided that it was time to implement a daily number of 2500 visitors to the site. In case of doing this with a transitional system the INC did this from one day to the next and hence created a ton of problems for the visitors during the months of July and August. In any case as the INC did not feel like providing the general public with much information we hereby will try to give you the last information regarding.

From the 25th of July 2011 the number of maximum 2500 visitors daily has been implemented for the site of Machu Picchu. This number is for the day visitors as well as for the people coming from the Inca Trail (about 400-500 daily). This means that as soon as the maximum number of 2500 is reached there will no more tickets be available and the people at the entrance who do not have a ticket will not be let in. In the low season this does not directly has to be problematic because the number of 2500 is not always reached but in the high season we have seen that the entrance tickets for Machu Picchu, especially in July and August did sell out for several days. Therefore for the whole year, but especially for the high season (June through September) it is highly recommended to buy your tickets well in advance (at least 5 days).

Another change is the fact that tickets are no longer sold at the entrance of the site. All tickets can be acquired in either the office in Aguas Calientes or in Cusco. Nevertheless as mentioned earlier tickets do tend to sell out in advance and therefore this may not be the best or more secure option. In the low season this may be possible but in the high season this definitely not recommendable. In case you would like to organize your trip yourself, the best option would be to book your tickets online at Please keep in mind to still buy the tickets well in advance.
The other option is to book your tour to Machu Picchu (or Peru) with an official travel agent. Official travel agents have access to the internal reservation system and they should be able to tell you if there is still availability for the days of your interest. They can buy you the train tickets, the hotel reservations and entrance tickets all in one go, diminishing the hassle for you. This may a bit more expensive but definitely worth it. Please keep in mind that official travel agencies have to be registered with the Ministry of Culture in Peru.