Machu Picchu News 2019

As every year this year the INC (Instituto Nacional de Cultura), the governing body of Machu Picchu has come up with some new regulations according the entrance rules and regulations for Machu Picchu. If it would not have been enough the number of new Machu Picchu rules implemented this year, for 2019 there are a couple of new restrictions planned. Apart from a possible increase in price, something that is still on the table, the idea is to implement three fixed visit times a day instead of the two they implemented this year. At this moment you can either purchase a Machu Picchu ticket for the morning or afternoon slot but for next year this would be for three time slots with a maximum time of permanence of 3 hours per visit. The three time slots would be; from 6.00am till 9.00am - from 9.00am till noon and from noon till 3.00pm. What will happen with the hours between 3.00pm and 5.30pm (the official closing time for Machu Picchu now) is still unclear. For each of the slots there would be 2500 spaces available, making the total visitors per day increasing to 7500. This is three times as much as the 2500 daily visitors UNESCO recommended a couple of years ago but this does not seem to bother the INC.

The question is at this point if and when this will be implemented. The new regulations which came out in 2017 have only been (partially) been implemented this year and due to bad communication and planning had to be applied with a lot of flexibility allowing for even more confusion than already created with the new Machu Picchu rules. At this point the Machu Picchu tickets for 2019 are not on sale yet for the general public so we will have to see what decision will be taken and how and when this will be implemented. From experience it would not surprise us if this information would not be known yet by the end of December.

In any case we will keep our ears to the ground and inform you as soon as more information is available about the new 2019 Machu Picchu rules and changes.