Getting to Machu Picchu by road was for years a true nightmares during the rainy season (November through March) as the roads would be almost inaccessible. Nowadays the situation has improved quite a bit but this is still a bit the “off the beaten track” road to Machu Picchu. Some tour companies organize this trip, often in combination with other activities such as biking and rafting but this is a route that can be done by public transport as well.

  • Busses operate from 06.00 till 04.00PM (both ways)
  • Busses leave almost every 5-10 minutes in both ways
  • Busses work with a first come first serve system
  • The drive takes about 20-25 minutes one way
  • Costs for adults are; US$18.50 (return) or US$9.50 (one way)
  • Cost for children are; US$10 (return) or US$5 (one way)