A week long family getaway to Machu Picchu; why not?

When friends and family gather a favorite topic is vacations and more particularly planting the seeds for your next vacation together. Due to work and time constraints these vacations are often of a shorter nature anywhere from a weekend to a week time. People tend to look for destinations closer to home or at least within reasonable reach for all participants. In recent years more and more friends and family from the USA or Canada are starting to realize that these trips do not necessarily have to be in the same country and that by the more and more accessibility of different places around the globe options are becoming unlimited. One of those options that is on the table nowadays because of this is Peru. Lima, Peru’s proud capital and culinary capital of the continent receives almost 20 direct flights daily from the USA and Canada. Mayor cities and hubs such as Atlanta, Miami or LAX for years have direct connections with Lima but in more recent times you can now also fly direct to Lima from Houston, Newark, San Francisco, Toronto and Quebec. Most direct flights depart in the morning and arrive to Lima in the evening / night and depart also in the night. This is quite ideal as you can spend the night on arrival and the next day start fresh with your Peru vacation package. The late departure on the final day will allow you to fly nationally to Lima and here connect with your international flight, making the most of this day as well. For a 5 to 7 day trip to Peru we recommend focusing on the main sight of Peru; Machu Picchu. In order to get to Machu Picchu one has to fly to Cusco from Lima. There are no evening flights between Lima and Cusco so most travelers will have to spend at least one night in Lima. Lima is a city that is often overlooked but in order to fully understand Peru, one has to pass through Lima where one third of Peruvians live. For those with even the smallest culinary interest, Lima is the place to be; amazing world class restaurants, small cozy bars and eateries and some of the most amazing seafood on the planet. This together with an interesting colonial city center, bohemian Barranco and great hotels makes Lima a more than worthwhile stop for one or two nights. After Lima we can head to the Andean Highlands and its archeological Crown Jewel; Machu Picchu. Even though being the one with the worldwide fame, it is not only Machu Picchu that draws interest, the Inca heritage is much more than this. South America’s oldest still inhabited city Cusco is the entrance gate for those seeking to explore Machu Picchu and a city unique in culture and architecture. Founded by the Incas as their capital, partially destroyed by the Spanish and rebuilt in Colonial times, the architecture and unique blend between Inca and Colonial make this city for many one of the nicest in South America. Between Cusco and Machu Picchu one also finds the fertile Sacred Valley or Urubamba Valley. This was the Inca’s main place of agriculture around Cusco and home to many impressive Inca remnants and beautiful landscapes. To visit Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley properly we recommend to have about 4-5 days. This time will also allow you to get used to the altitude of the region with the city of Cusco at 3,500m (11,500ft) above sea level. From Cusco one can take an afternoon flight back to Lima and in the evening here connect with your international flight, arriving back home in the morning of day 6 or 7.  


So as you can read, Peru and Machu Picchu are for sure serious candidates as your family or friends next week long getaway destination. For more information on a possible itinerary, please here; https://satoperu.com/itineraries/7-day-lima-cusco-machu-picchu/